Cotto vs Margarito Rematch: Pre Fight Analysis

Friday, November 25, 2011 1 comments

This coming December 3, 2011, Miguel Cotto (36-2 with 29 KOs) will defend his title against Antonio Margarito (38-7 with 27 KOs) at Madison Square Garden, New York City. This is their second encounter, their first fight was described by HBO’s Max Kellerman as a “modern day classic” and it’s very hard to disagree with that opinion. The first half of the fight was dominated by Cotto by using his superior speed, athleticism, and boxing skills. He managed to avoid many of Margarito’s punches by utilizing lateral and backward movement, while landing one flush shot after another on the durable Mexican’s iron chin. Margarito’s Iron Chin and toughness absorbed punches from Cotto without showing any signs of being damage or slowing down, and then take back to stop Cotto was a scene to consider. Although Margarito was being stopped by Shane Mosley after that fight, Antonio shows an incredible chin and even greater lung capacity to accompany it.

Before the fight with Mosley, Margarito was found to have a hard plaster-like substance in the ehand and was subsequently suspended by the California State Commission for one year. No one knows when it began to load his gloves, but common sense tells me that it was first used earlier with the light coming from a very poor performance against a shot near Ricardo Mayorga. My guess is that it began to load his gloves after losing his WBO welterweight title to Paul Williams, but could have begun to use them before the fight. From the psychological point of view, it is possible that knowing that Cotto Margarito will face an own could help offset any advantage that mental Margarito could have won the victory over his arrest in his first fight. As we all know, boxing is a sport of mental aspect of the game has never minimized or discounted.

As for the wear and tear is concerned, since their first meeting, both fighters were involved in fighting very hard with Margarito sustaining the most damage. Margarito was beaten by Mosley in nine rounds and beaten to a pulp over 12 rounds by Manny Pacquiao suffered a broken orbital in the process. His eyes were examined by several doctors and has a clean bill of health, then we should not assume that he will fight with all kinds of disabilities. Cotto was stopped in the 12th round against Pacquiao in a very fierce battle began as a competitive business and turned into a beat-down way. I do not think either fighter will be fighting even that was just under 3 ½ years, but I think Cotto is closer to who he was that Margarito is. Antonio will not have the added benefit of having physical and psychological, and knowing that he put the gloves in this fight if he had actually had their first match.

Find a battle to be very similar to their first time in many ways. Margaritas are very predictable and not fight a lot of different ways to fight the next. He comes forward as the mummy of recovery rather slow, but the pounding thud. By far his best shot is his uppercut. It 'was very effective against shorter than Cotto, and hours would be crazy to use it very often in this battle. I do not expect Cotto to try to hurt the iron chinned Margaritas, but the land clean shots to the safe area and then to tie up the Margaritas, when it comes dangerously close to Mosley has made him very effective in the fight against Antonio. Expect more stitches you have seen in their first battle. Clinching is to do two things. First, it gives Cotto a break after a lot of energy to drive away from Antony and the attacks to keep him at bay.

Cotto’s trainer, Pedro Luis Diaz has been doing a good job of simulating how things will go in the fight with Cotto being forced to move backward and punch while retaining his legs and position. That and the clinching will help preclude Miguel from running out of gas as he did before. Margarito will have his moments, but look for Cotto to fight a tactical, intelligent fight utilizing his speed, superior athleticism, underrated jab, movement, and clinching to a unanimous decision victory unless Margarito is taking too much punishment and/or begins to swell badly in which a late round stoppage is not out of the question.

Cotto-Margarito's Rematch is on after license approved

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 1 comments

Antonio Margarito was given a boxing license on Tuesday by the New York State Athletic Commission in New York, allowing his scheduled 154-pound title fight with Miguel Cotto on Dec. 3 at Madison Square Garden to happen.

Puerto Rico's Miguel Cotto, 36-2 with 29 knockouts, will defends his World Boxing Association super welterweight title against Mexican's Antonio Margarito, 38-7 with 27 knockouts, on December 3 at Madison Square Garden.

Cotto had earlier threatened not to fight outside New York if the panel ruled Margarito was not fit to fight, saying other states would have followed New York's lead and banned the Mexican.

Antonio Margarito was given a boxing license on Tuesday by the New York State Athletic Commission after a medical examination determined he was healthy enough to fight.

Late last week, the commission ordered for another eye examination of Margarito, which was seriously injured during his fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Margarito received a 16-month suspension but that seemed insufficient for Cotto, who has waited three years for a chance to avenge the defeat.

And earlier Tuesday, Cotto said he wouldn't fight Margarito anywhere except New York, surprising Arum during a promotional conference call.

Cotto awaits Margarito's Decision: fight must be in New York


Asked about the medical problem of the possibility of moving the fight elsewhere. Miguel Cotto answers with the media in a conference call Tuesday. Meanwhile, the garden is almost exhausted. Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank has met with representatives of other places, like the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Whatever the outcome, the decision of the New York State Athletic Commission, Arum is expected to continue with mega-fight, one that has been sought since the Cotto Margarito ugly loss. There is much at stake, as Cotto said he will not fight anywhere else but in New York because it is such that the contract was signed. The card is also of interest in which includes a fight between Delvin Rodriguez back and Pawel Wolak, junior middleweights fought to a majority draw in New York in July.

Rank is determined to move together with the plans for the Garden card. At this point, move to another place is expensive as well as to promote the loss of revenues. Not to mention the fans who bought tickets and hotel rooms, supporters of Cotto and Margaritas, the undercard fighters and personnel, if the Margaritas NYSAC rules is able to fight, this will be one of the most species disguises.

There are still things here. Margaritas should break training camp in Mexico, and on Monday there were two separate procedures performed by medical doctors NYSAC right eye. Although there is optimism for the future, higher-ranking because they believe that the decision to go for Margaritas Garden and the battle is expected.

Arum said there are plans, and if an obstacle, priority to the fight to another place in the short term can be done. Here is the NYSAC, the most famous in the country, has a bad image. Was approved and took the fight to New York knowing that Margarito had an eye problem that required surgery after losing to Manny Pacquiao last November. Margarito's license was suspended and restored, from the use of the hand under his jacket contaminated gloves, not the problem.

Sources indicate that Arum is outraged about the procedures and how the NYSAC handled the situation as a whole. Arum offered to fly in mid NYSAC doctors in New York and Mexico, Margarito did not have to break camp.

NYSAC President Melvina Lathan, political office and the ring former judge, now on the wrong side of the apparent ineptitude and disadvantages of Arum, Margarito, Cotto, the garden, and boxing fans.

The prevailing attitude is Margarito will be awarded a license. Lathan has been misinformed, or has to protect the interests of boxing does not suffer a blow New York, not talking about the garden, which will slowly lose their image as a mecca of boxing.

The decision should have been done for months, not two weeks before the time to fight. Someone is to blame, and if that means Lathan is the culprit, but Arum has moved its headquarters from New York for years to Las Vegas, might retire from boxing do more business in the Big Apple.

Cotto, meanwhile do not worry since he finished training in Orlando, Florida. He reiterated on Tuesday, the battle of redemption gave him his first defeat, to be in New York. "I am focused on training camp," he said.

"It's not us." Do not you fight elsewhere, but in New York, "he said.

And with the recent comments from Cotto, Lathan will make the right decision. Because Cotto is now saying that the struggle must be carried out in the garden and Arum can not afford the embarrassment or conflict with their champion. How this issue is controversial? Arum suddenly stopped calling Cotto press conference was a bad time because the decision of the Commission is a couple of hours.

And Cotto has announced. The fight should be in New York, where it is fought.

Cotto-Margarito mixup a preventable mess

Friday, November 18, 2011 1 comments

New York State Athletic Commission held a hearing in Manhattan on Friday to vote and decide whether to license Antonio Margarito to fight Miguel Cottoat Madison Square Garden, 3 December rematch of their epic 2008 meeting in Las Vegas.

The question is Margarito's condition, or lack thereof, to fight.

Margarito suffered an eye damage during the November 13 fight against Manny Pacquiao, a fight where the referee Laurence Cole and Margarito corner has violated its obligations not to stop the match. Pacquiao knocking Margarito repeatedly on the head and Margarito had no chance of winning after the seventh round.

These are the times that a fight should be stopped to protect a brave fighter himself. After the game that night, Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach told Yahoo! Sports: “I wish they had stopped the fight. They probably ruined his career by not stopping the fight.”

Margarito suffered serious injuries and several broken orbital in the eye itself. It has undergone several operations and a cataract removed and a new goal put in.

The operations were performed by renowned ophthalmologist Alan Crandall, director of the Institute in Utah Moran Eye. Crandall was named by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. as one of the top one percent of physicians in the U.S.

Crandall testified before the committee on Wednesday that is able to fight Margarito. His view was supported by Rolando Toyo, Memphis Grizzlies NBA ophthalmologist and the founder of the Society Sports Eye of the Americas.

After hearing evidence on Wednesday convened the three-person commission, which consists of the President and Members Melvina Lathan and Thomas Edwin Torres Santino on Friday to vote. But the group quickly went behind closed doors, clearly uncomfortable to give a boxing license for a guy that his doctors had not physically examined.

When they came out, Lathan said she wanted Margarito to be examined by a committee of doctors before him license.

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It looked like a reasonable request, except for one small thing: Why wait 15 days before the fight has already sold almost all of MSG that such request was made?

When the hearing resumed after the executive session ended, Lathan said she had asked Top Rank in September for Margarito newspaper.

"For the record, we would not be where we are today if we had the cards, which should be delivered in the road, before we got them this time," he said. "We asked for these jobs, these documents, these papers exam, we asked that we get this started again in September, I think. Somewhere around all day, I can not be completely sure, but it was some time ago that We asked that all the papers given to us so that we would not be here today at this stage right now. "

Lathan said he did not have all the information requested after October 31. Top Rank President Bob Arum, in Houston on Saturday to promote a meeting between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Peter Manfredo Jr., said he went with the intention that there were no licensing issues.

"We were going along quietly do what," said Arum.

At best, there was a significant failure to communicate, and has the responsibility to fall on both sides. Arum even arranged for Crandall to handle Margarito, then he must have been prepared at an early stage to start the process of licensing. Nothing would have prevented Arum to have an employee Margarito Journal ship in New York in September.

Lathan angry words ring hollow as well, however. She had the power not only to ask, but requires that the files were on a date for his choice. If his demands were not met, it would simply not agree to issue a license. As in most areas of life, people act only when a time required to do so.

If there is no chance that the view is in danger of Margarito, Margarito certainly should not be allowed to fight, no matter how much money he would have won, or how the game might mean for the local economy. No money is the vision of a man.

Arum passionately defended the decision to try to go and fight, you can believe in full Crandall.

"This guy is the leading ophthalmologist in the world," he said, almost shouting into the phone. "He is the director of ophthalmic surgery at the Moran Eye Institute. It is huge. This guy is outrageous in [his subjects]. It's not a guy window. This guy is the world leader in its field. "

Arum went on to say that doctors told him that Margarito is less likely as a result of surgery you had.

But the state boxing regulators and politicians in New York, are clearly worried about liability. Santino is the cousin of the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, it is unlikely that stretch to think that officials at the highest level of government has been heard in executive session, which was closed to the public.

Margarito was asked, and his lawyer agreed to leave the training camp and fly to a place in the United States where he met a doctor from the Commission remains to be chosen and will be reviewed. This decision was taken by the Commission to protect it from any liability if the worst scenario play, and eyes Margarito is damaged in battle.

Thus, the Commission may find that he did everything possible to ensure that Margaritas was unfit to fight, will go the extra length of the doctors fly around the country to investigate him only two weeks before the game.

In a way, however, was a show dog and a pony. The fight will happen, one way or another. If New York refuses Arum has been in contact with other committees and said it will stage the fight in another state. Texas is the leader, because in Texas only allow someone other than a corpse, and officials at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, involved. Arum also said the possible landing sites include Arizona and Colorado.

Anyone who has seen the first fight between Cotto and Margaritas are eager to see the other. It 'was one of the best fights for many years and the personal animosity between them has only grown. Cotto is convinced Margaritas had loaded gloves, when they fought. Margaritas Cotto said in Spanish during the interview that he would give Cotto HBO wrapped his hand and said he was still defeated him.

That's all a big deal, until you think about the possibility that Margarito losing his sight.

There is no problem in it licenses if medical experts say he has no more risk than any other boxer would. If he is fit to fight, but it is a matter that should have been for weeks if not months ago.

This was not near an unpardonable sin.

New York State Athletic Commission to decide Friday if Margarito can fight in N.Y.


Top Rank, which promotes the pay-per-view HBO championship game, will find a public hearing on Friday if the three people in New York State Athletic Commission, headed by the chairman Melvina Lathan, helps to end Margaritas in New York.

He had already been rejected by the Commission for health reasons on 31 October, but he and Top Rank has requested an audience with the hope of changing the spirit of the commission.

The reason for refusal: Margaritas, has caused serious damage to his right eye last November in a brutal beating by Manny Pacquiao at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas. He had a fractured orbital, which was surgically repaired. Then he developed a cataract as a result of the injury, which was subsequently removed from the big eye surgeon Alan Crandall, who has implanted an artificial lens in May.

President of Top Rank, Bob Arum, attended a meeting Wednesday in New York during which the committee heard testimony from two doctors and two from the Commission to support Margarito, including Crandall, who declared that Margarito was healthy enough for box.

The fight for the WBA lightweight media-Cotto will move if the NYSAC dismisses the Margarito, probably in Texas or Mississippi, where it is easier to obtain a license.

Margarita (38-7, 27 KOs) has fought only twice in nearly three years, because it was caught before his fight against Shane Mosley with a hardening agent in his hand wraps. Mosley stopped him in the ninth round of the welterweight championship game in January 2009. Margaritas has since been banned because of the fighting in the U.S. each year.

Margaritas and Cotto had fought in July 2008, before the Mosley fight game, Margaritas, and gave Cotto a serious player, and his first loss in 11-round TKO. Cotto will fight this battle record 36-2 (29 KOs). His other loss came against Pacquiao.

After his suspension, Margaritas, once fought in Mexico by defeating Roberto Garcia in May 2010 before fighting Pacquiao a year ago in Texas.

Cotto vs Margarito 2 Tickets For Sale

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Cotto vs Margarito 2 Tickets are now available. Click view tickets below to buy Cotto vs Margarito tickets.

Miguel Cotto (36-2, 29 KOs) is scheduled to fight a rematch against Antonio Margarito (38-7, 27 KOs) in December 3 2011. Miguel Cotto is the current belt holder of WBA light middleweight (154 lbs) world champion. He won his title from Yuri Foreman (28-2, 8 KOs) last June 2010.

Cotto (36-2, 29 KO) will be defending his WBA "super" junior middleweight title against Margarito (38-7, 27 KO) in the main event of the show. Cotto vs Margarito II will be fought at 154 lb and will be contested for Cotto's WBA Super World light middleweight title and World Boxing Board light middleweight title. Since Margarito was found with illegal hand wraps before his fight with Shane Mosley in 2009 an air of suspicion has been cast on him that he may have used them in his first fight with Cotto in 2008. This rematch should clear the air.

Margarito Vs. Cotto is a Fight to Look Forward To

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The rest of the year 2011 will see us looking forward to and watching many marquee match ups in boxing. There is the Sergio Martinez-Darren Barker bout this weekend and the highly touted Manny Pacquiao-Juan Manuel Marquez fight in November 12. However, the Antonio Margarito-Miguel Cotto match up this coming December 3 is one to look forward to with a different anticipation.

The Margarito-Cotto duel is an event worthy of a countdown. Compared to the other two huge fights, this face-off may not have the historic implications but it has the visceral appeal that is natural to boxing. This fight is about revenge versus redemption.

Cotto hates Margarito because he believes Margarito used loaded gloves to beat his head, steal the victory and illegally threaten his health or, worse, his life. On the other hand, Margarito is on the corner of being the boxer subjected to false accusations.

This Margarito-Cotto sequel comes with lots of burning questions. Will Cotto get revenge to poetically justify that Margarito may have truly used loaded hand wraps in the previous fight? Will the beating Margarito suffered from Pacquiao last year come out and be a factor? What has Cotto got left after 38 professoinal boxing matches? Will it be time that Cotto hurts Margarito? How far has Margarito gotten into Cotto's nerves? Will that be an advantage to Margarito or to Cotto?

These questions can only be answered when December 3 comes. A countdown is in order!

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