Cotto-Margarito mixup a preventable mess

Friday, November 18, 2011

New York State Athletic Commission held a hearing in Manhattan on Friday to vote and decide whether to license Antonio Margarito to fight Miguel Cottoat Madison Square Garden, 3 December rematch of their epic 2008 meeting in Las Vegas.

The question is Margarito's condition, or lack thereof, to fight.

Margarito suffered an eye damage during the November 13 fight against Manny Pacquiao, a fight where the referee Laurence Cole and Margarito corner has violated its obligations not to stop the match. Pacquiao knocking Margarito repeatedly on the head and Margarito had no chance of winning after the seventh round.

These are the times that a fight should be stopped to protect a brave fighter himself. After the game that night, Pacquiao's trainer, Freddie Roach told Yahoo! Sports: “I wish they had stopped the fight. They probably ruined his career by not stopping the fight.”

Margarito suffered serious injuries and several broken orbital in the eye itself. It has undergone several operations and a cataract removed and a new goal put in.

The operations were performed by renowned ophthalmologist Alan Crandall, director of the Institute in Utah Moran Eye. Crandall was named by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. as one of the top one percent of physicians in the U.S.

Crandall testified before the committee on Wednesday that is able to fight Margarito. His view was supported by Rolando Toyo, Memphis Grizzlies NBA ophthalmologist and the founder of the Society Sports Eye of the Americas.

After hearing evidence on Wednesday convened the three-person commission, which consists of the President and Members Melvina Lathan and Thomas Edwin Torres Santino on Friday to vote. But the group quickly went behind closed doors, clearly uncomfortable to give a boxing license for a guy that his doctors had not physically examined.

When they came out, Lathan said she wanted Margarito to be examined by a committee of doctors before him license.

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It looked like a reasonable request, except for one small thing: Why wait 15 days before the fight has already sold almost all of MSG that such request was made?

When the hearing resumed after the executive session ended, Lathan said she had asked Top Rank in September for Margarito newspaper.

"For the record, we would not be where we are today if we had the cards, which should be delivered in the road, before we got them this time," he said. "We asked for these jobs, these documents, these papers exam, we asked that we get this started again in September, I think. Somewhere around all day, I can not be completely sure, but it was some time ago that We asked that all the papers given to us so that we would not be here today at this stage right now. "

Lathan said he did not have all the information requested after October 31. Top Rank President Bob Arum, in Houston on Saturday to promote a meeting between Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Peter Manfredo Jr., said he went with the intention that there were no licensing issues.

"We were going along quietly do what," said Arum.

At best, there was a significant failure to communicate, and has the responsibility to fall on both sides. Arum even arranged for Crandall to handle Margarito, then he must have been prepared at an early stage to start the process of licensing. Nothing would have prevented Arum to have an employee Margarito Journal ship in New York in September.

Lathan angry words ring hollow as well, however. She had the power not only to ask, but requires that the files were on a date for his choice. If his demands were not met, it would simply not agree to issue a license. As in most areas of life, people act only when a time required to do so.

If there is no chance that the view is in danger of Margarito, Margarito certainly should not be allowed to fight, no matter how much money he would have won, or how the game might mean for the local economy. No money is the vision of a man.

Arum passionately defended the decision to try to go and fight, you can believe in full Crandall.

"This guy is the leading ophthalmologist in the world," he said, almost shouting into the phone. "He is the director of ophthalmic surgery at the Moran Eye Institute. It is huge. This guy is outrageous in [his subjects]. It's not a guy window. This guy is the world leader in its field. "

Arum went on to say that doctors told him that Margarito is less likely as a result of surgery you had.

But the state boxing regulators and politicians in New York, are clearly worried about liability. Santino is the cousin of the governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, it is unlikely that stretch to think that officials at the highest level of government has been heard in executive session, which was closed to the public.

Margarito was asked, and his lawyer agreed to leave the training camp and fly to a place in the United States where he met a doctor from the Commission remains to be chosen and will be reviewed. This decision was taken by the Commission to protect it from any liability if the worst scenario play, and eyes Margarito is damaged in battle.

Thus, the Commission may find that he did everything possible to ensure that Margaritas was unfit to fight, will go the extra length of the doctors fly around the country to investigate him only two weeks before the game.

In a way, however, was a show dog and a pony. The fight will happen, one way or another. If New York refuses Arum has been in contact with other committees and said it will stage the fight in another state. Texas is the leader, because in Texas only allow someone other than a corpse, and officials at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, involved. Arum also said the possible landing sites include Arizona and Colorado.

Anyone who has seen the first fight between Cotto and Margaritas are eager to see the other. It 'was one of the best fights for many years and the personal animosity between them has only grown. Cotto is convinced Margaritas had loaded gloves, when they fought. Margaritas Cotto said in Spanish during the interview that he would give Cotto HBO wrapped his hand and said he was still defeated him.

That's all a big deal, until you think about the possibility that Margarito losing his sight.

There is no problem in it licenses if medical experts say he has no more risk than any other boxer would. If he is fit to fight, but it is a matter that should have been for weeks if not months ago.

This was not near an unpardonable sin.


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