Cotto awaits Margarito's Decision: fight must be in New York

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Asked about the medical problem of the possibility of moving the fight elsewhere. Miguel Cotto answers with the media in a conference call Tuesday. Meanwhile, the garden is almost exhausted. Promoter Bob Arum of Top Rank has met with representatives of other places, like the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Whatever the outcome, the decision of the New York State Athletic Commission, Arum is expected to continue with mega-fight, one that has been sought since the Cotto Margarito ugly loss. There is much at stake, as Cotto said he will not fight anywhere else but in New York because it is such that the contract was signed. The card is also of interest in which includes a fight between Delvin Rodriguez back and Pawel Wolak, junior middleweights fought to a majority draw in New York in July.

Rank is determined to move together with the plans for the Garden card. At this point, move to another place is expensive as well as to promote the loss of revenues. Not to mention the fans who bought tickets and hotel rooms, supporters of Cotto and Margaritas, the undercard fighters and personnel, if the Margaritas NYSAC rules is able to fight, this will be one of the most species disguises.

There are still things here. Margaritas should break training camp in Mexico, and on Monday there were two separate procedures performed by medical doctors NYSAC right eye. Although there is optimism for the future, higher-ranking because they believe that the decision to go for Margaritas Garden and the battle is expected.

Arum said there are plans, and if an obstacle, priority to the fight to another place in the short term can be done. Here is the NYSAC, the most famous in the country, has a bad image. Was approved and took the fight to New York knowing that Margarito had an eye problem that required surgery after losing to Manny Pacquiao last November. Margarito's license was suspended and restored, from the use of the hand under his jacket contaminated gloves, not the problem.

Sources indicate that Arum is outraged about the procedures and how the NYSAC handled the situation as a whole. Arum offered to fly in mid NYSAC doctors in New York and Mexico, Margarito did not have to break camp.

NYSAC President Melvina Lathan, political office and the ring former judge, now on the wrong side of the apparent ineptitude and disadvantages of Arum, Margarito, Cotto, the garden, and boxing fans.

The prevailing attitude is Margarito will be awarded a license. Lathan has been misinformed, or has to protect the interests of boxing does not suffer a blow New York, not talking about the garden, which will slowly lose their image as a mecca of boxing.

The decision should have been done for months, not two weeks before the time to fight. Someone is to blame, and if that means Lathan is the culprit, but Arum has moved its headquarters from New York for years to Las Vegas, might retire from boxing do more business in the Big Apple.

Cotto, meanwhile do not worry since he finished training in Orlando, Florida. He reiterated on Tuesday, the battle of redemption gave him his first defeat, to be in New York. "I am focused on training camp," he said.

"It's not us." Do not you fight elsewhere, but in New York, "he said.

And with the recent comments from Cotto, Lathan will make the right decision. Because Cotto is now saying that the struggle must be carried out in the garden and Arum can not afford the embarrassment or conflict with their champion. How this issue is controversial? Arum suddenly stopped calling Cotto press conference was a bad time because the decision of the Commission is a couple of hours.

And Cotto has announced. The fight should be in New York, where it is fought.


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